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More than a building or a couple hours on the weekend, the heart of the church is the people who gather to follow Christ together. It takes dozens of volunteers each weekend to carry out God's vision for this church and reach those who don't know him. From the smiles you see as you enter the parking lot to the elements that are shown on the big screens each weekend...volunteers make it all happen. They sing and dance with your children, serve snacks in the Coffeehouse, and more!

Why Volunteer?

Becoming a part of Liberty is not about what we want FROM you, but about what we want FOR you. It’s about realizing and living the abundant life that Jesus promised you could have. We believe that volunteering is discipleship. It will help you fulfill God’s purposes in your life, discover your gifts, grow in your relationships with God and people, help you feel connected to the ministry that’s happening at Liberty, and create opportunities for lives to be changed for eternity.

Volunteer Perks

Every volunteer receives an "I Love My Church" shirt as a thank you for volunteering. We also pay for all clearance paperwork for our KidLand team members.

Sundays at 8:30am in Liberty and 10:45am in Williamsport, we have a 5-10 minute Champions Circle in the coffeehouse. This is like a ‘team huddle’ before heading to our hope dealing stations as we celebrate God’s faithfulness, share core values & vision, and equip every person to make a difference.   

Finally, we work with each world-changer's schedule to make sure their volunteer role fits their calendar and each team has a healthy rotation of weeks on and off. Our volunteer scheduling system, Church Community Builder allows volunteers to manage their calendars and respond to requests for their respective teams. It can be accessed by clicking "Login" on the menu bar above. We want everyone to thrive and be excited about making a difference in the best way for them as a part of what God is doing through Liberty Church!

Volunteer Teams

Sign Team
· Wave, smile, & hold an encouraging sign to engage & excite passersby & create anticipation for all guests

Parking Team
· Wave & smile to cars driving on the property
· Park them as efficiently & close to the building as possible
· Hold umbrellas for pedestrians, escort them over ice, show them where to enter, etc to honor everyone up until they walk into the building

Hospitality Team
· Serves guests snacks in the coffeehouse
· Restocks & cleans up

Greeting Team
· Welcomes guests with a smile, handshake or hug, & any information they may need
· Escorts first timers with children to KidLand and all first time guests to the coffeehouse, auditorium, and restrooms

Usher Team
· Welcomes everyone into the auditorium
· Helps guests find seats with their party in the dark
· Makes sure seats are filled from the front to the back to engage people in the worship experience

The Shop Team
· Operates cash register & Square card reader for purchases
· Honors & answers questions for Shop guests

Worship Team
· Individuals possessing musical abilities with a passion for growing in Christ & worship
· Audition required

Prayer Team
· Confidentially prays, believes with, and declares God’s promises through prayer at the front of the auditorium during designated prayer time

Multimedia Team
· Audio: Runs sound equipment at one Celebration (audition required)
· Lights: Runs lighting equipment at one Celebration (trial period required)
· Computer: Executes computer slideshow at one Celebration (trial period required)
· Video Camera: Operates the video camera at one Celebration (trial period required)

Photography Team:
Takes photos of all volunteers and throughout the Celebration of their choice for use on Liberty Church’s Facebook, website, and other publications

Elementary Extreme (K-6th graders)
· Teach large group or lead a small group in which children learn to believe in God through a combination of video curriculum and live presentation, high-energy worship songs, and meaningful small groups (K-1st, 2nd-3rd, and 4th-6th).
· Child abuse clearance & criminal record check required (paid for by the church)

Pre-K Karousel (3-5 year olds)
· Teachers & helpers allow children to explore who God is through through relevant, age-appropriate activities, stories, games, and lessons
· Child abuse clearance & criminal record check required (paid for by the church)

Baby Bumpers & Toddler Tumblers (birth to 36 month olds)
· Teams provide a safe and loving environment where babies begin to discover God through Praisebaby DVDs
· Care for changing & feeding needs
· Child abuse clearance & criminal record check required (paid for by the church)

Security Team
· Provides a safe environment through their presence